The Most Beautiful Golf Courses Are in Italy

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Golf is one of the most practiced sports in the world, with a total of 70 million players. Among the countries that play the most are Ireland, Scotland, and the United States… and Italy? According to data collected by the Italian Golf Federation, in 2022 there were 94,046 registered Italian golfers, a number certainly lower than in other countries but steadily increasing compared to previous years (in 2021 there were 92,420 members).

Where is Golf Played?

Italy is also becoming a very popular destination for golf holidays, as its mild climate allows playing throughout the year.

Currently, there are 300 golf courses in Italy, evenly distributed along the entire peninsula from North to South, offering enthusiasts a wide choice of different landscapes.

However, the regions where golf is most practiced are Lombardy with 27,590 players, Piedmont with 13,224 golfers, and Veneto with 9,630 members.

Here, every player or tourist is spoiled for choice: Lombardy offers spectacular golf courses on Lake Garda, Piedmont allows enjoying unique matches at the foot of the mountains, while Veneto boasts a variety of golf courses ranging from the Dolomites to the coast.

Is it Better to Play Golf by the Sea or in the Mountains?

The choice between playing golf by the sea or in the mountains depends on personal preferences and the experience one wishes to have. Playing golf in the mountains offers the opportunity to immerse oneself in nature and play on courses that harmoniously blend with the alpine landscape. Coastal golf courses, on the other hand, guarantee breathtaking views of the sea.

The choice between the sea or the mountains will also depend on the season and weather conditions. Many players prefer playing golf by the sea during the summer months when they can combine their sport with some beach relaxation. Conversely, playing golf in the mountains can be particularly charming during the autumn when the landscape is colored with wonderful shades.

The Caorle Golf Course

campo Golf Caorle

One of the most beautiful golf courses in Northern Italy is Golf Caorle: with its sea-front holes, it offers a unique experience for lovers of this sport.

The course is suitable for players of all levels, providing challenges and fun for both beginners and experts. The beauty of the surrounding landscape and the quality of the course make the golfing experience at Golf Caorle unique and unforgettable!

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