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When it comes to golf, choosing the proper clothing is both a question of functionality and etiquette. Being well dressed on the course is not only about respecting the tradition of this age-old sport, but it also affects the player’s comfort and performance. Here are some tips on how to dress appropriately for a summer round or a winter lesson.

How to dress for golfing in the warmer months

During the warmer months, every golfer must protect themselves from the sun and not suffer too much from excessive temperatures. This is why polo shirts made of breathable fabric are the ideal option for players.

These garments, often made of synthetic materials such as polyester or blends that include spandex, allow for greater freedom of movement and effective moisture management.

Polo shirts should be short-sleeved for greater ventilation and should have a collar, as is often required by the dress code adopted by most clubs.

With regard to trousers, then, players should choose lightweight and breathable models. Trousers made of technical fabric offer comfort, freedom of movement and UV protection.

Shorts are permitted on many golf courses, but it is important that they reach down to the knee or just above, to comply with decorum regulations. A cap or visor, to protect the face from the sun, and low socks that are barely visible above the golf shoes complete the summer outfit.

How to dress for golfing in the winter months

Winter calls for a layered approach to golf wear, to ensure warmth without compromising mobility. The base can be a long-sleeved jersey in a technical fabric that helps retain body heat while wicking away moisture.

On top, a golfer may wear a jumper or waistcoat, preferably made of wool or an insulating synthetic material. Players may also consider wearing a waterproof, breathable jacket, that offers protection from wind and rain without restricting movement during the swing.

For trousers, it is best to choose lined models because they provide extra insulation while retaining breathable qualities. This prevents the accumulation of sweat, which can cool the body quickly in cold conditions.

An earband or a wool cap keeps your head warm, while cold-weather-specific golf gloves are crucial: your hands stay warm and your grip on the clubs is not compromised.

The right accessories for playing golf

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Regardless of the season, certain accessories are essential for every golfer:

  • Golf shoes: they are essential and should be a summer model pair and a waterproof winter model pair.
  • Sunglasses: they improve visibility by reducing glare.
  • Golf-specific gloves: ensure a firm and comfortable grip.
  • The hat: protects your face from the sun or the cold. Alternatively, it is good to use a visor.
  • The light umbrella or mackintosh: these are useful in case of sudden changes in the weather.

How to dress for matches and lessons

When it comes to deciding how to dress for golf matches and lessons, it is important to consider the context and intensity of the activity. For matches, especially formal matches or tournaments, it is crucial to respect the dress code of the club.

In this context, classic clothing such as: a collared polo shirt, comfortable trousers, and trainers is appropriate. For lessons, functionality must be the priority. Clothes that allow complete freedom of movement are essential, as you will spend a lot of time perfecting your swing and other techniques.

In conclusion, dressing appropriately for golf means considering both the climate and the rules of the club. Technical clothing has revolutionized the way golfers can stay comfortable and perform at their best, but it is essential to always respect the context of the game.

Now that you know what the proper clothing is, see you on the Golf Caorle course!

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