Golf exercises: how to train body and mind

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A practical guide to getting the right preparation

Golf is a sport that requires not only technical skills but also good physical and mental preparation. What are the right exercises to do to improve your performance?

Here is a practical guide with 5 useful tips for practising simply and effectively.


Before you start playing, it is essential to spend time stretching. This helps prevent injuries and improve mobility: in golf, having a good swing width is crucial.

Which stretching exercises to do?

  • Shoulder stretching: raise your arms above your head and, holding a club or broom with both hands, gently push up and then bend your torso slightly from side to side.
  • Chest rotation: while sitting or standing, hold a stick behind your back with both hands. Keep your legs still, then rotate your chest from side to side: this improves chest rotation during the swing.

Strengthening your muscles

It is not always necessary to go to the gym to improve one’s fitness. Golfers can work out at home and strengthen their leg muscles. To improve one’s fitness, the two perfect exercises are:

  • Free body squats: squats improve leg strength and core stability, which are essential for a powerful and controlled swing.
  • Side plank: this is great for strengthening the oblique muscles and the core, which are essential for rotation and stability during the swing.

Strengthening balance and coordination

Prepararsi a giocare a golf

Balance and coordination are valuable qualities for every golfer, as they affect both stability during the swing and the accuracy of shots. How can you improve these aspects and achieve remarkable progress in your game? Here is the right training:

  • Single leg lifts: this exercise not only increases balance but also strengthens the buttocks and legs. Lift one leg and hold the position for at least 5 seconds, then switch legs. To increase the difficulty, try closing your eyes or using a balance pillow.
  • Walk in a straight line: put one foot in front of the other, touching the heel of the opposite foot with your big toe with each step. This exercise improves dynamic balance.

Train your mind

Beyond physical preparation, the mental component plays a crucial role for every golfer. To sharpen one’s concentration and manage pressure, it is useful to train by following two precise practices:

  • Visualisation: before a match or practice, devote a few minutes to visualisation. Imagine yourself executing perfect swings and playing excellent shots. This strengthens muscle memory and self-confidence.
  • Breathing exercises: controlled breathing is a great way to calm the mind and reduce stress. Practice deep breaths before each shot to maintain concentration.

Pre-game warm-up routine

Before starting a match on the golf course, it is also important to follow an effective warm-up routine, to complete an excellent physical and mental preparation.

Small gymnastic exercises are perfect for a dynamic warm-up: light jogging, jumping jacks and arm spins increase body temperature and prevent injuries. Finally, when you reach the first tee, it is useful to try a few practice swings and strokes, to establish the rhythm of the movements and adjust your hand-eye coordination.

Now that you know how to have an excellent physical and mental preparation: we are waiting for you on the Golf Course Caorle!

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