Parma raw-ham and melon
€ 9,50

Mussels soup
€ 10,00

Bresaola-Carpaccio, rocket and Grana chees
€ 10,50

Mozzarella with tomatoes and basil
€ 11,00


Tagliatelle with Bolognese meatsauce
€ 7,00

Spaghetti with garlic, olive oil and chilli
€ 7,50

Pennette with garlic, olive oil, hot tomatoes sauce
€ 7,50

Tortellini with cream and ham
€ 8,00

Spaghetti with fried bacon eggs and Parmesan
€ 8,00

Spaghetti with clams
€ 14,50

Spaghetti with seafood
€ 16,00


Breaded cutlet with chips
€ 10,50

Chickenbreastfilet slices with rocket and cherry tomatoes
€ 15,00

Grill mix BBQ with chips
€ 16,50

Mixed fired fish and battered vegetables
€ 18,00

Sliced Angus Steak with rocket and Grana cheese
€ 19,00


€ 3,50

Tomatoes with onion
€ 3,50

Mixed salad
€ 4,00

Grilled vegetables
€ 4,50


Cesar Salad
Green salad, croutons, frilled chicken breast, Grana cheese and Cesar sauce
€ 11,00

Tee Salad
Green salad, rocket, tomato, corn, brie cheese, speak and walnuts
€ 11,00

Zoe Salad
½ pinapple, carrots, green salad, yogurt, raisins, grana cheese flakes
€ 11,50

Stableford Salad
Green salad, rocket, tomato, radicchio, cucumber, mozzarella and shrimps
€ 11,50

– Cover charge € 1,00 –

Pra' delle Torri Golf Restaurant

Prà delle Torri Golf does not only offer refined hospitality while playing on its 18 hole course but also a warm and convivial atmosphere when eating in the restaurant pizzeria.

This restaurant loves authentic tradition and true flavours. The fresh and tasty qualities belonging to each and every dish are a gift to the palate. Be tempted by the specialties created by our Chef. He will delight you with appetizing fish and meat dishes cooked in the Italy way if lunching and dining. Only here you can have the original italian Pizza.

Call +39 379  187 5247 to make your reservation

A tasty break...

At the end of every competition a Quick Snack is a must.

The restaurant prepares crispy toasts and colourful salads, cold cuts and cheese served on a cutting board…

Dulcis in Fundo… fresh fruit pies, smooth tiramisu cakes, yoghurts and ice-cream.

A sobre but pleasant and delicate type of cooking.

Call +39 379  187 5247 to make your reservation

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